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781-080-12 Fetal Monitoring Recording Chart Paper

SKU: 781-080-12

Product Details:

40 Packs (per case) Fetal Monitoring Recording Chart Paper, Red Grid, Size 120mm x 50′. Precision Charts Inc. (PCI) is certified to manufacture, distribute and sell according to the International Standards of ISO 9001 and 13485.

Product Description:

Fetal Monitoring Recording Chart Paper 781-080-12, Made in the USA, 40 Packs (Fetal packs) Per Case, Size 120mm x 50′, Grid Color Red. QUALITY: Premium Grade Medical ECG – EKG Recording Chart Paper, Guaranteed To Meet Or Exceed OEM Specifications.


For use with 1200, 1400.AM 66, IM 76, ASM IM 77