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Made In America

Learn how “Made in the USA” can help you close a deal. We have all seen “Made in the USA” but what does that mean to your business? Customers are looking for better quality, shorter lead times and access to real people for technical support and customer service: all key characteristics that are available from a company who manufacturers their product and is headquartered in the USA. Virtually all PCI ECG Papers and Video Printer Media are produced right in New York, USA. You will also find PCl‘s customer service. sales and technical support teams available in the New York location.

Here are a couple ways that “Made in the USA” can help you close a deal:
– Need product in a hurry? Since PCI manufacturers Recording Charts and Video Printer Media in the Bohemia, NY facility, the product is quickly made available to our customers. PCI ships over 200 SKUs the same day.
– Have a technical support question or need to request a quote? You can speak directly to our technical support and customer service team, located in Bohemia, NY. Our toll-free hotlines are available for quick access to these resources.

Promoting that your Recording Charts and Video Printer Media are “Made in the USA” may not be what gets you the sale, but, it may tip the scale in your favor coupled with a quality product, excellent service and a competitive offer. Ask your account manager for more details on our services.